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Thursday, 20 June 2013


Text: Matt 3:17, John 13:23, 1st Thess 1:4

The beloved of God is someone that is very much loved by God. She/he is very precious, special, greatly loved, cared for and adored. He/she is someone that is preferred by God to others; a chosen one that is mostly and highly favoured. The beloved can also be referred to as the apple of God's eye; someone who is guarded and protected by God.

The scripture gives us an example of what a beloved of God is. When a voice from heaven says in Matt 3:17,"This is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased": it was the voice of God and the beloved son here is Jesus Christ - the closest to God and always at the right hand of God. It is a great privilege to be the beloved of God.

Also when Jesus chose John among all to be number one, the scripture refers to him as John the beloved. The selection of John by Jesus Christ was in stages before he finally came to be the closest. Twelve were chosen as apostles among those Jesus wanted as in Mark 3:13, and from them three were chosen as in Mark 9:2 and from the three, one was chosen. That One is John who is referred to as John the beloved. The Scripture says in John 20:2, "so she came running to Simon Peter and other disciple, the one Jesus loved." This other disciple here refers to John the beloved as in John 21: 7&20. Why John? Because he possessed all the qualities to be listed below, therefore he was most loved and preferred.

Brethren, you can be one of the "beloved" of God as well.

What qualifies you to be the "beloved" of God?
  • You must be born again
  • Accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour
  • Surrender your life totally to Him
  • You must be readily available
  • Be ready to follow Him wherever He leads and sends you
  • Be a sheep and accept to be led by the good shepherd
  • Be totally obedient to the word and live it
  • Be loyal, faithful and be committed to the work of the gospel
  • You must always do the will of God and please Him in all ways
  • Live a holy life and have faith in Him
  • Be a soul winner and keep spreading the good news of Christ

What are the benefits of being a "beloved "of God?
  • The beloved of God shall dwell in safety and The Lord shall cover him all day long. Deut 32:12
  • Heaven will always be opened to you. Matt 3:17
  • You will always be protected and watched over as the apple of God's eye. Ps 17: 8
  • God will lavish His love on you. 1st Thes1:4.
  • You will be guarded and protected. Deut 32:10-11.
  • You will always be singled out for favour among others. Luke 1:28.
  • The Lord will be pleased with you. Matt 3:17.
  • You will be given the privilege to reign with the King of kings and The Lord of Lords. Matt 25:34.

Brethren, allow the Holy Spirit to guide and direct all your endeavours and even your thoughts so that you may continually please The Lord and qualify to be a "beloved "of God.

What benefit can be greater than making it to heaven and reigning with the Almighty God? A place is reserved for you there, as the Lord says in John 14:2 ,” In my Father’s house are many mansion. If it were not so, would I have told you that I go to prepare a place for you”. Do not miss it.

PRAYER: O Father in heaven, I love and wish to be one of your beloved. Endow me with all I need to qualify me to be. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

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