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Saturday, 22 October 2011

A Shepherd; That Is Jesus Christ

A Shepherd; That is Jesus Christ
Text: Psalm 23: 1-6, John 10:3-27, John 14: 2-4
A shepherd is one who herds and takes care of sheep directly or indirectly. A shepherd is a person such as a clergyman who watches over a group of people usually referred to as sheep.

A sheep in this context is a meek and timid person. A sheep is the obedient Christian. A sheep is one who allows himself to be under the care of a shepherd. A sheep is the redeemed of the Lord.

David acknowledged in Psalm 23:1 that “The Lord is my shepherd”. That God is a caring shepherd and a dependable guide.
David having been a shepherd of animals appreciated the role and importance of a shepherd and the dependency of sheep on the shepherd.

The Lord is the shepherd of all. Jesus said in John 10:11; “I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for his sheep”. And also He said in John 10:4; “I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me”. The Bible says in Heb 13:20; “Our Lord Jesus, that great shepherd of the sheep”.

What does a shepherd do?
As in Psalm 23:2-3, the shepherd leads the sheep besides the still waters and also in the path of righteousness. He is always leading them in the right ways and to the right places.
As recorded in Luke 2:8, He takes care of His sheep and watches over them.
He does not allow wolves or enemies to attack or mingle with them. He cares for them in all seasons. He does not desert them and always watching over the sheep. He knows them very well by their names and voices and also the sheep know the shepherd’s voice too. He teaches them His ways and feeds them regularly with the word.
He nurtures them and sees to their total welfare.
He does not want any of them to be lost. And if any is lost he desperately searches for such until he is found as confirmed in Luke 15:4-6; He rejoices when a lost one is found.
All the sheep are His. He cares about the salvation of the sheep.

The Scripture confirms in John 14:2-4 that Jesus has gone back to His father to prepare a place for His sheep. He wants you to reign with Him in eternity. He wants you to inherit the kingdom as well and He is coming back to take you to be with Him; what a good, great and perfect Shepherd Jesus is!
Are you a shepherd?
If you have been shepherding some sheep, this sermon will be of benefit to you. Or if you intend to be a shepherd, it is advisable you shepherd as Jesus did and you will be greatly rewarded by your father in heaven.

May the Lord endow you with all you need to be a good shepherd. May He help you to lead and guide the sheep in your care aright in Jesus’ name.
That you and your sheep may reign with Jesus Christ in His kingdom. Amen