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Thursday, 15 November 2012


Text: Isa 41:8-21, Psalm 54:4-7, Psalm 121:1-2

Divine help is what God makes available to you to get what you want or to a desired result. It is provision from God to enable you accomplish or to lift you up or to meet your needs. Divine help has been from ages past. It has been since creation. When God created Adam, He provided all that he needed to live and put him in the Garden of Eden. He perfected the nature and provided a helpmate, Eve, for him so that he would not be lonely. God also said it was not good for man to be alone, so He ordained the institution of marriage for man to have a helpmate as written in Genesis 2v 21-25. When the children of Israel were in the wilderness, God sent Manna on a daily basis so that they would not die of hunger until they got to Canna where there was food. He made the bitter water sweet so that they could drink and not die of thirst. He gave us His only begotten son to die for us and reconcile us with Him. He sent us a comforter and His word to be our compass and guide. So from ages past God has always been our help. Hence one of His names is Elohim AZAR .This is acknowledged in Psalm 54: 4-7 and 121: 1-2. Our help comes from Him. Let us consider some of those who have enjoyed divine help in the Scriptures.

John 5:2-7 The man at the Pool Bethesida remained incapacitated for thirty eight years because he had nobody to help him into the Pool whenever the water was stirred. On that particular Sabbath, when Jesus the help of the helpless spoke with him and asked him to get up and walk, he instantly got up and walked. The infirmity of thirty years ended. Mark 5:25-34 The woman with the issue of blood of twelve years got help through healing. She had gone places looking for help and spent all she had but to no avail. But the very day she touch Jesus ' garment, help came and she was healed and restored. Blind Bartimaeus got his healing through divine help and mercy. He regained his sight the day. He frantically called on Jesus. John 9: 1-7 The man born blind met with Jesus and despite questions from Jesus' disciples whether his blindness was due to his sin or his parents' sin, Jesus went ahead to help him restore his sight by spitting on the ground, making some mud with the saliva and putting it on the man's eyes and asking him just to go and wash at Pool Siloam.

Gen 18: 9-14 God had to help Abraham fulfil his destiny as father of all nations by opening Sarah's womb at age ninety years for the promised child, Isaac, to come. Not only that, God also provided a ransom of a ram to be slaughtered instead of Isaac What a great help!
1Kings 17: 8-16 Because God wanted to help the widow of Zarephath, He sent Prophet Elijah to her to be fed. The limited flour and little oil that was supposed to be prepared as her last meal with her son lasted till there was plenty in the land. God purposed to help her by sending Elijah to her. 2 Kings 4:1-7 God also sent Elijah to help the widow of the Prophet's son when her late husband's creditor wanted to take her two sons away. The little oil in the pot was multiplied into many pots. She sold the oil and paid the debt and lived with her sons on the sales of the oil as directed by Elisha. God is our helper and also a God of increase and multiplication. 
1Kings 3: 16-28 When King Solomon was faced with problem of the right ownership of the living child between two women, he sought help from God to be able to judge rightly and God released extraordinary wisdom unto him and he judged rightly.

2 Chro 20:1-29 King Jehosphat got help to war against the three nations that rose against him. He asked God for help and God looked upon him, helped him out and gave him victory and peace on every side. In 1 Sam17:32-51 It was through the help of God that the Israelites were saved from oppression and embarrassment from Goliath. God helped by fighting for them using David to bring down giant Goliath.

There are more instances in the scriptures where God had demonstrated that He is really our help and He will continue to be because forever He is God. He made His name, the Sword of the Spirit, the Blood of Jesus and the Comforter available to you and me. At the mention of His name every knee shall bow and all storms shall cease. The earth and all that is there in are His. Make use of this great name. It is above every other name.

Ps119:89 says "Your word, O Lord is eternal, it stands firm in the heavens" If you need help, apply the word to your situation. The word of God is settled forever. The blood of Jesus avails much. The scripture says when I see the blood I will pass over it. Soak yourself and all yours in the blood of Jesus daily. It was the blood that distinguished the Israelites from the Egyptians. When the angels of death struck the Egyptians firstborns and spared those of Israelites. The blood of Jesus safes and it delivers. The comforter is always there to teach and remind you of things to do so that you won't go astray. He even groans on your behalf. The great helper, the help of the helpless is there for you always. He does not even sleep for your sake.

  • Accepting Jesus as your Lord and saviour
  • Separate yourself from Sin and live holy.
  • Love God and obey Him totally.
  • Have faith in Him and act on your faith.
  • Be ready to walk with Him and be blameless.
  • Pray without hindrance and ask for divine help.     
Lord ,you are my helper, help me pray without hindrance and in any way I need help, come to my ai d in Jesus name I pray. Amen


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  1. Lord,I need your help in every area of my life.Raise help for me at every junction and glorify yourself in my life. More grace unto you Ma.Thanks for this piece.